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Chongming Dongmen High School

 | PublisDep£ºChongming District 
     Chongming Dongmen High School was founded in 2003. The school occupies 80 acres and the construction size reaches 18553.8 square meters. The proportion that the plants occupy reaches 50%. The whole campus is divided into four sections: office, teaching, living and sports section, and is equipped with modernized office building, teaching building, experiment building, art and sports building, as well as cafeteria for teachers and students and 400-m plastic runways. The school has 40 teaching classes and approximately 1,600 students, a teaching staff of 151 members, among which 25 are senior teachers and 14 members are key teachers of the county level. All teachers and students carry the campus spirit of “reform with determination, dare to innovate and pursue for the optimal.” The schooling principle is “establish the school according to law and moral values, regard human beings as the basis and achieve harmonious development.” The schooling target is set at “school with special characteristics, teachers with teaching styles, and students with special talents.” Inner value is emphasized while development is promoted.
     The school regarded the scientific development policy as its guidance and carry out “place the development of teachers and students as its basis.” It regards the need of the times and social development as well as students’ physical and mental development routine as the starting points, and evolved around the root of soul for the development of ethnical spirit education and life education. The spirit of “creating a cozy classroom and a harmonious campus” is used as a vehicle. Educational resources of both in and out of the campus are incorporated for a school culture of “civilized, harmonious, advanced and innovated.” The students are cultivated with abilities of “4 cans” and “4 dos”, in the hope of becoming the new generation of people with ambitions, moral values, knowledge as well as disciplines.
     The school has classroom and students as its focus and has been striving to deepen classroom teaching reform. It is dedicated to doing research and practice classroom teaching patterns of investigation and guidance. Researches and study within the school have been conducted. Learning and reflection have been advocated. In 2008, the school was responsible for a project of municipal level— “The Practical Research of the Construction of the Development of the School Teaching and Research Team”, which has effectively prompted the growth of teachers. A team of great moral values, professional competence, cooperative spirit and development initiatives has been built. In 2008 alone, young teachers of our school have won first and second prizes during the municipal classroom teaching competition in curricula of Chinese, math, English, history and science. The national first prize has been won in math teaching. Student’s creative spirits and practical abilities have been fully cultivated and developed. The school’s teaching quality is improving, which is influential on Chongming Island. 
   The school has been emphasizing on students’ overall development and trying to build various platforms for student activities. 48 groups of interests have been built, which include electricity, radioactivity measurement, excursion, dancing and chorus. 15 associations have also been established, including “Mental Gramophon” and “Fly, Orange.” Almost 500 association members are having activities on campus and in their homeland. Sports events have also been actively organized. The school has become one with special characteristics in sports such as Ping-Pong, soccer, archery, as well as field and tracks. Students’ talents and personalities are warmly encouraged, and they have had great performances in competitions of county, city as well as national level.
    Six years after its foundation, the school has been nominated as the Civilized Work Unit of Chongming County as well as the city of Shanghai; the advanced group in activating “home-school interaction; campus of safety; team of young eagles of Chingming County and Shanghai City; Municipal Advanced Group of the Red-Cross Association; the Home Education Experimental Base; Smoke-free school; Advanced Group of Green; Advanced Group in Moral Education of Chongming County; Five-star Behavior Demonstration School of Chongming County; Advanced Group of Teaching as well as Scientific Research in Chongming County; Green School of Chongming County, and Health Promotion School of the county. With a boosting social reputation, we have founded a firm basis for leading our school to a fist-class one.
Address: No. 388, Meizhou Road, Chongming County, Shanghai
E-mail: cmwzx@163.com