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Chongming Experimental Primary School

 | PublisDep£ºChongming District 
    The precursor of Chongmig Experimental Primary School was the first “international school” built by the education pioneer Wang Qingzhi and his friends in collaboration in the 29th year of Emperor Guangxu’s reign, Qing Dynasty (1903 A.D.), which was named as “Chongming Gongxue” then.
    During its centennial history, the school has undergone numerous times of name changing, division, convalescence with other schools, and was finally listed as a key primary school of this county in 1951. In 1959, it was renowned as a key primary school in Shanghai. In July, 2013, the Education Bureau cancelled Jiangkou Primary School, and it was drawn into the education group of Chongming Experimental Primary School as the school’s campus district in Jiangkou. Now the education group has 36 teaching classes, 1,375 students and 172 teaching staff members, among which 1 is the teacher of special classification in Shanghai (famous teacher in Yingzhou as well), 4 Chongming primary school discipline leaders, and 13 teaching exemplars and excellent teachers.
    In different epochs, the Experimental Primary School has carried its motto of “Honesty, humbleness, respect and love”, and has converged excellent teachers of various disciplines. Fantastic records have been written by each and every one in the school.
    In the 1950s, Qiu Jintang led a pedagogical reform in the teaching of science, and made his own teaching tools and textbooks. In the 1960s and 1970s, Song Rulan conducted the research of “a combination of politics and literacy” and experiments of “learning the characters in concentration”, which have attracted a large number of teachers from Shanghai for learning. In the 1980s, Gu Yufang made research about algorithms and had accumulated rich experience, with teachers from all over the nation coming for communication. In the late 1980s, Headmaster Yuan Xiuying attached great importance to education and scientific research, built science and research office, constituted experiment study of art education, organized music class and painting class, conducted research with subjects of the city, which had all stimulated the blossom of the flower of art education. The 1990s has witnessed the harvest of art education. Students have won the first prize in the city and national singing competitions a few years in a row. Prizes won in the city and national dancing and calligraphy competitions were innumerable. Wenhui Newspaper presented special editions for the introduction of the school’s education, and Shanghai Television Station have shot a program called “Buds on the Island—a tour of the art education of Chongming Experimental Primary School”, which was widely broadcasted. The young pioneer groups of the school had their own diversified activities organized as well, which contain “Small Trade Exhibition”, “Small Scientific Research Team”, as well as “Birds Singing”, which have won the National Cup for Creation. The young pioneer group was acclaimed by the central youth commission as well as the city commission for over ten times, and was renowned as the national red flag team and Shanghai Young Eagle Team consecutively for a few years.
    After 1997, with the personal guidance of Professor Ye Lan from East Normal University, the school conducted an exploring experiment of “new fundamental education.” Under the guidance of the concept of “returning the classroom to the students and invigorate the classroom”, the teaching competence of the teachers has enjoyed a boost. A number of new talents emerged in the county and city level. In May, 2002, the 6th National New Fundamental Education Community Activity was held in Chongming, and the school has welcomed teachers from all over the nation who came to participate in the experiment of “new fundamental education.”
    Ever since 2003, the school has certified the schooling concept of “lay the foundation of happiness for every child” and formed the thought of “Enlighten the students’ life path with art education, and lay the foundation of a happy life for students with education art!” A team of “enlightening” teachers with firm belief, high moral standards, wide horizons, excellent professional competence, and rich of personal charm and knowledge was built. Young students with “civil behaviors, humility, honesty, respect”, who are deeply in love with studying, thinking and art were cultivated. A unique school with the brand characteristics of “cultivate students with art” was launched, which continued to record the school’s brilliant history.
    In recent years, the school has been consecutively renowned as the National Advanced Work Unit in Language and Characters, National Demonstration School for the Standardized Use of Languages and Characters, National Excellent Fundamental Unit of Wireless Communication, Shanghai Schools of Special Characteristics in Science, Technology and Art. For many years, the school has been Shanghai’s Civilization Work Unit, Shanghai’s Team of Red Flag, Shanghai Advanced Unit in Art Education, Shanghai Campus of Security, as well as Shanghai Demonstration School of Behavior Safety.