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An Introduction of Shanghai Engineering Technology Management School

 | PublisDep£ºChongming District 
    Shanghai Engineering Technology Management School was founded in 1980, and was certified as the key vocational high school of the city in 1992. In 1996, it was certified as the national key vocational school by the Ministry of Education. In 2004, it passed the assessment of over a hundred key vocational schools in Shanghai, and was labeled as an item unit within the project of the construction of the demonstration schools for the reform and innovation of vocational schools.
    Currently, the school has four campus districts, which occupy 433 acres and reach a construction surface of 89953 square meters. It has three open training centers for vocational education in Shanghai, which incorporate digital control technologies, tourism service, as well as urban forestry and agriculture. It also has 143 profession experimental training rooms, and the teaching facilities value more than more than RMB 350 million.
    The school now has six professional deportments, and has set 11 specialties, including digital control technology application, electromechanical technology application, art design and making, Chinese cooking and nutrition, operation and management of high-star restaurants, tourism service and management, computer science and application, as well as accounting. In the recent five years, average employment rate (including that for further education) has reached 97%.
     Now, a teaching staff of 308 people works for the school, among which 227 are full-time teachers. 124 staff members are professional teachers, and 90 are teachers of higher class (technicians). Teachers in possession of an undergraduate certificate or higher reach 98% of the total number. Teachers competent in both teaching and career development occupy 95.2% of professional teachers. 3 teachers are listed as the cultivation members of the project “Renowned Schools and Headmasters” in Shanghai. 9 teachers were listed as members of National Key Teachers Cultivation. Key teachers higher than the county level reached the number of 29, among which 1 is the top talent of the county, and 3 are the leading teachers of the county discipline. Nearly 4,000 students are now enrolled in the school.
     The school holds the scientific development outlook as its guidance and places much importance on the comprehensiveness, coordination and sustainability of education development. It strives to promote the students’ growth and development, and tries to promote the sharing of ideal education resources with schools in western areas of China. It has also been working on the connection of upgrading schools and related industries, as well as technology development, employment and reemployment, and the transfer of rural working forces. It now has send more than 20,000 talents with knowledge and techniques to the society and has made important contributions to the development of regional society and economy,