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The Organization of the Education Bureau of Chongming County

 | PublisDep£ºChongming District 
Office Functions
Office Director: Wang Jianyue
Telephone: 59621724
Duties: The office is responsible of drafting the monthly, seasonal, as well as annual working plans and summaries for the bureau. Its task also include information management, briefing editing, secretary work, file documenting, letter petitioning, confidential work, and the management of written opinions provided by NPC members and proposals of CPPCC. Other work involves recording meetings and conferences, asset management, international communication, security, logistics, and providing the drafts of local laws, regulations as well as policies.
Personnel Section
Chief of the Personnel Section: Chen Jiaqing
Telephone: 59612243
 Duties: The Personnel Section is responsible for the management and guidance of work related with human resources, which include: the plan-making of the construction of the teaching team of the county, coordinating issues involved with the reform of human resources work, staff allocation, wages and welfare, compilation, the management of human resources, guiding the reform of schools’ inner management system, the construction of schools’ teaching team and annual evaluation, excellence selection and rewarding, as well as the security management work of education system and the dealing of emergencies happened in the system.
Auditing Section
Vice chief of the Auditing Section (fully responsible): Li Bin
Telephone: 59622067
Duties: The Auditing Section is in charge of the auditing work within the education system, as well as setting the policies related with inner auditing and annual plan, and the training of full-time and part-time auditing staff of the education system.
Section of Adult Education and Vocational Education
Chief of the Section of Adult Education and Vocational Education: Sun Xiangdong
Telephone: 59613559
Duties: The section is mainly responsible for the management and guidance of work related with vocational education and adult education. It is coordinating various kinds of adult training work, as well as managing and guiding vocational education, the admission, examinations and major setting of adult education, coordinating the guidance work for job-hunting of graduates, and the management of schooling work initiated by other social institutes.
Section of Fundamental Education
Chief of the Section of Fundamental Education: Yuan Jian
Telephone: 59611805¡£
Duties: It is responsible for the management and guiding of work related with fundamental education. Guidance is provided for the management of pre-school education, primary and middle school education, as well as the admission, examination, and registration management. In addition, it also guides and manages work related with physical education, hygiene, art communication and science. The section is in charge of the management of the use of characters and languages in the county.
Fiscal Section
Chief of the Fiscal Section: Chen Yubin
Telephone: 59622065
Functions: The section is responsible for drafting the budgets and final accounts of education, as well as certain additional plans for education input. It counts and supervises education input and money execution, and also coordinates the management of education input, education fundamental infrastructure construction investment, additional fee, as well as related financial work in the institute.